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Multi purpose silicone lubricant with excellent dielectric strength

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The Silicone Grease from Chem Pack has excellent dielectric strength and will withstand temperatures within the range of -40°C to +400°C.

The multi purpose silicone lubricant spray has moisture and oxidisation resistance and is also resistant to corrosive atmospheres and a wide range of chemicals.

Silicone Grease is also one of the few lubricants that will not affect natural or synthetic rubber seals, valves or bearings.

This industrial multi purpose silicone spray is suitable for high temperature applications:
  • long life lubricant for bearings, rubber seals, valves, hydraulic shafts, ball and socket connections
  • use as a sealant for gaskets
  • use as a parting agent for nuts, bolts and moulding processes
  • as an electrical insulator and moisture-proof sealant in marine, aviation and automotive ignition systems, rubber and synthetic O-rings, gaskets and seals, laboratory glassware
  • ideal for washers and components in water taps
Silicone Grease can also be used extensively on gym equipment.

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