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Chem Pack specialise in Industrial lubricants, release agents, silicone grease, welding anti spatter, multi purpose silicone sprays and related products. ,


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27/09/12 - Chem Pack's Silicone Grease is a multi purpose industrial lubricant with remarkable qualities.
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30/04/08 - Chem Pack manufactures a range of aerosol packaging products and adhesives including silicon sprays, mould release products, surface seal products, white grease sprays, anti-static sprays, dry air blankets, anti spatter sprays and silicon fluids.
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29/04/08 - Chem Pack offers packaging, fabrication and lubrication services to commercial and industrial sectors.

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120 Fulton Dr
VIC 3030
Tel: 03 8369 9999
Fax: 03 8369 9901

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