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Industrial packaging services from Chelton Packaging

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Chelton Packaging  provides industrial packaging services through a range of packaging products and packaging equipment and machinery. Chelton Packaging is a branch of the Chelton Group that provides packaging solutions to industrial and commercial markets. Chelton Packaging supplies the following ranges of packaging products and accessories; steel strapping equipment, tape dispensers, bubble wraps, cardboard boxes, cleaning chemicals, threading tools, hygiene products, mats, machines and packaging tools. Chelton Packaging provides installation and repairs services for a wide range of strapping machines and packaging machines. Chelton Packaging offers installation and distribution services for an extensive range of strapping and sealing systems.

Chelton Packaging supplies adhesive tapes such as tape dispensers, printed tapes, filament tapes, masking tapes, cloth tapes and packaging tapes. The bubble wraps distributed by Chelton Packaging are available in standard 30mm, 20mm and 10mm sizes. The bubble wraps supplied by Chelton Packaging come in perforated and anti static finishes.

Chelton Packaging provides custom designed packaging services to its clients with packaging needs. Chelton Packaging supplies document enclosed envelopes, printed envelopes and invoice enclosed envelopes.

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