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Understanding wrought iron and wrought iron fencing

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Wrought iron products specialist Chatterton Lacework explains the concept of wrought iron work, and its application in fencing systems.

Wrought iron, when referred to in the context of ‘wrought iron fencing’ refers to a type of metal as well as a process of formation. Traditionally, however wrought iron is described as a type of iron with additives that make it twistable with a low corrosion rate.

In today’s context, wrought iron means a forged iron that resembles traditional wrought iron but is made of steel. True wrought iron manufacturing has been limited to Europe since 1969.

Wrought iron fencing is a style of fencing considered ‘heritage’ or ‘traditional in appearance and is a very elegant fencing style. Once installed, wrought iron fencing requires minimal maintenance with its durability ensuring it will last for many years without losing its original appearance.

Wrought iron fencing is a rigid fence without flexibility and is considered the strongest of all metal fences.

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