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Tips on choosing lacework

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Chatterton Lacework  offers advice on choosing lacework with the right kind of finish and design. 

Hand paint or powder coat

Chatterton Lacework recommends that all aluminium lacework should be powder coated rather than hand painted. Powder coating has a lifetime guarantee and offers a smooth and consistent coat compared to a hand painted finish. However, those who prefer to hand paint the lacework are advised to use an etch primer so that the paint is able to adhere to the aluminium surface better.

Cast iron lacework from Chatterton Lacework comes with two coats of powder coating, which does increase the cost but helps cover up any rust or corrosion that may eventually occur in the future. Cast iron lacework can also be hand-painted after an etch primer is applied. If bought unpainted, the lacework can be taken home the same day.

Single sided or double sided lacework

When choosing a lacework design suitable for their home, people do consider this factor. Many homeowners prefer to have double sided lacework so that the details of the lacework pattern are still clearly evident from inside their veranda or through the windows that look out through their veranda.

Chatterton Lacework offers a wide range of single sided lacework designs along with a few double sided designs. Common double sided designs include the Birmingham, Bristol and Victoria.

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