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Measure torque in rotating equipment

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LEBOW Products has introduced its new Model 1900 EZ TORK development kit. The kit consists of a torque sensor and a signal conditioning circuit that can be used to measure and monitor torque in rotating equipment for design, testing, qualification, process control and quality assurance applications.The EZ TORK development kit.Available capacities are 50lb/in, 100lb/in, 500lb/in and 1000lb/in. The sensors are supplied with an ultra high strength stainless steel shaft that has a hex drive on each end.

The system accuracy is 1 per cent. Input voltage is ±12V dc @ 120mA, output is ±5 V dc. Overload capability is 150 per cent of rated capacity, speed rating is 5,000rpm and the sensor has a frequency response of 500Hz. Optional equipment includes 120V ac to ±12V dc power supply.

Established in 1955, Lebow Products manufactures a complete line of torque sensors and load cells. Chase Engineering 02 9439 8299.

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