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Fatigue rated load cells

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CHASE Engineering has introduced the new Lebow Model 3415 line of fatigue rated load cells. The Model 3415 load cells provide a compact package that more easily integrates into test machines using hydraulic actuators for cyclical load applications such as those involved with vehicle dynamic simulation testing.

Mounting threads are designed to attach directly to the actuator. The package size is optimally minimised to the smallest, most light weight device with the longest possible life capable of measuring the forces inherent in vehicle test applications.

These load cells are designed to measure loads in both tensile and compressive modes. They sensors are machined from a single billet of high strength steel.

The sensors are specially designed to deliver an overall accuracy of ±0.15% including non-linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability. Standard load capabilities are available in a range from 5000 to 20000 pounds.

The sensors have a nominal bridge resistance of 350 ohms and can be powered by up to 20V dc. Nominal output sensitivity is 2mV/V. Sensors are protected for overloads up to 150% of rated capacity with no damage to the sensor.

The sensor designs provide high resistance to side and bending moment loads and are rated to provide more than 100 million cycles in uni-directional loading applications.

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