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Strategic consulting and job analysis services from Chandler Macleod

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The strategic consulting services provided by Chandler Macleod helps the organisations to collect, use and analyse the right data that will enhance the development of good HR strategy. Chandler Macleod engages the staff in process to ensure high possible level of buy-in and build right structure for effective implementation. The HR strategy can be linked to frame the budget of P&L that will provide immediate and long term results.

Chandler Macleod has extensive experience in a wide range of industries that will enable the customers to be guided at each stage from planning to implementation and review. The HR strategic consulting methodology provided by Chandler Macleod ensures that organisations have strong data set for underpinning the process, clear purpose to produce a competitive advantage, produce quantified and measurable objectives, generate action plan with large, medium and long term focus, clear line of sight to the company vision and mission statement and a clear link to P&L process and budget for precede budget setting.

Job analysis service offered by Chandler Macleod is a technique used to identify and describe measurable and observable skills and behaviours required to perform a role successfully. This technique is used to differentiate and describe the effective and ineffective performance.

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