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CE0041 message display system and CE0074 processor from Cescom Enterprises

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Cescom Enterprises  specialises in the design, manufacture as well as supply of data communications products. Cescom Enterprises has been involved in the supply of data communication products for about 18 years. Comprehensive range of data communication products includes serial data conversion systems, distribution systems, monitoring systems and transient suppression systems.

CE0041 data communication product from Cescom Enterprises is an industrial message display system. This message display system can be used in conjunction with PLC contacts, MODBUS or plain ASCII. These message display systems have the capability to display messages consisting of two lines that incorporate about 20 characters per line. CE0041 industrial message display system from Cescom Enterprises is also equipped with RS232 as well as RS485 ports and also offers PLED display option.

CE0074 iCONSOLE processor provided by Cescom Enterprises is a powerful octal core processor. This processor has been specifically designed to handle several embedded tasks requiring serial communications in combination with VGA display. iCONSOLE function as the central operator console for server arrays as well as modes. This processor unit is powered with the aid of an eight core 32 bit multiprocessor in conjunction with 32 bit ARM processor. CE0074 can be used for functions that include protocol conversion, ANSI terminal emulation, data logging and network operator terminal.

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