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State-of-the-art battery charger

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article image Save on operating costs.

CENTURY has further enhanced its total forklift power solutions offer with a new generation of high efficiency, premium quality chargers which have the potential to help save on annual operating costs across the Australian electric forklift industry.

The new products are part of Century's range of performance chargers and incorporate leading-edge high-frequency electronics to deliver a highly efficient charge to the forklift battery, thereby minimising power consumption and energy costs.

The chargers consist of a unique in-built "pulse" charging profile to reduce operating temperatures by up to 10°C and maximise battery service life.

A Century spokesperson said the addition of the new chargers to the product range was designed to further strengthen Century's total solutions offer.

The total solutions service offer involves a whole-of-life approach, from the initial design of a battery system to regular maintenance and reporting, repairs if necessary, periodic review and eventual replacement.

"Century is committed to offering a total solution for our customers," said the spokesperson.

"Our customers should be assured that when they choose Century as a solution to their forklift requirements, they are choosing quality products backed by the most comprehensive forklift battery service network in Australia."

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