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Single point watering systems from Century Yuasa Batteries

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Single point watering systems from Century Yuasa Batteries eliminate the need for customers to manually lift forklift batteries to fill them, instead providing a system that fills all forklift batteries simultaneously no matter the size or model. These single point watering systems are supplied exclusively in Australia and New Zealand by Blink International and is a clear choice for a versatile and reliable single point watering solution. 

Features of single point watering systems from Century Yuasa Batteries include:

  • Specific gravity measuring port which allows for hydrometer readings to be carried out safely and quickly
  • Lever operated shut-off valve which eliminates overfilling as the valve closes in the direction of the water flow
  • Electrolyte level indicators
  • Water traps retain small amounts of water, preventing dangerous hydrogen gases from moving between cells
  • Double chamber keeping hydrogen and water movements separate
  • Snap-lock floats ensuring correct level control
  • Drying chamber

Benefits of single point watering systems include:

  • Fills batteries 10 times faster than can be manually done
  • Cut man hour costs by thousands of dollars per year
  • Visible gauge allows electrolyte levels to be quickly checked
  • Available with various floats to suit a variety of battery types
  • No injectors or sponge to prevent overwatering
  • A choice between: delivery gun gravity feed and electronically controlled filling

Century Yuasa Batteries provide versatile and efficient single point watering systems to save users a lot of time, money and effort in filling battery packs, making them clear solutions for customers looking to increase productivity.

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