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Delineator barriers from Centurion Barrier Systems

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Centurion Barrier Systems have designed and manufactured delineator barriers which are ideal for protecting and preventing pedestrians and vehicles from entering prohibited areas in construction sites, car parks and large public events.

The delineator barriers are containment barriers filled with water, weighing 15 kilograms unfilled, and up to 250 kilograms when filled. Each barrier is 1650 by 450 by 650 millimetres and features a 10 year guarantee against poor workmanship.

Available in standard red or white, the barriers are highly effective at notifying people and vehicles of changing conditions. While being very strong, they are still light enough to be moved around and an accessible port at the top of the unit allows for simple filling, while a screwable drain plus allows for fast drainage.

A unique link and joint design makes assembly and removal simple. In the case of impact, only individuals units will fall rather than the whole chain, and can easily be handled by one person. Centurion Barrier Systems manufacture delineator barriers to the highest standards to ensure durability and toughness, and the barriers will not fade, crack, split or discolour.

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