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Robotic and automation solutions from Centrix Robotics

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Centrix Robotics  is a company offering total robotic and automation solutions. The robotic and automation solutions offered by Centrix Robotics help in improving the business. Centrix Robotics also deals with the current robotic and automatic solutions for clients. Centrix Robotics has qualified engineers who designs, manufactures and installs robots and automation products. Centrix Robotics takes care of the robotic and automation need which includes the repair and maintenance services.

The robotic services offered by Centrix Robotics include welding robots, picking and placing robots, grinding robots, palletising robots, packing robots, machine loading robots, dispensing robots and clean room robots.

Centrix Robotics also assists clients in assessing the financial gains that could be earned by investing in an automation or robotic solution. Centrix Robotics offers services and repairs to ensure robot and automation down time is minimised. Centrix Robotics offers a detailed review of the clients robotic and automation systems in order to identify the existing problems and to recommend appropriate solutions. Centrix Robotics’ current automation and review service is ideal for client’s who do not have a local supplier support and the case where the client’s systems have certain limitations in its functionality.

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