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Concrete and steel protection services from Central Systems

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Central Systems  is a specialist in offering various services which aid in extending the life of buildings, infrastructure and industrial assets. Some of the services offered by Central Systems include concrete repair & façade protection, concrete & steel protection and structural strengthening.

Central Systems offers a wide range of concrete concrete & steel protection services including Impregnating octyltriethoxysilane treatments, Flexible Anti-carbonation coatings and Cathodic protection systems.

Impregnating octyltriethoxysilane treatments offered by Central Systems helps in improving the ability of concretes to repel chlorides, water and carbon. Flexible Anti-carbonation coatings offered by Central Systems enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building while reducing excessive cracking and cyclic movements. Cathode protection systems offered by Central Systems controls deterioration of the steel or concrete with the aid of electro chemical technique.

Central Systems offers structural strengthening solutions with the aid of carbon fibre or plate strengthening systems. Central Systems strengthens aged or damaged structures, rectify constructed structures and accommodating new load requirements.

Concrete repair & building façade remediation services offered by Central Systems include the removal and replacement of damaged concrete and corroded steel. Central Systems offers refurbishment of rendered concrete, brick, stone, block work and steel clad building façade.

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