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SAM.Suite solution and Centennial License Manager from Centennial Software

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Centennial Software,  a developer of IT asset discovery and endpoint security solutions, has announced its new SAM.Suite solution, designed to help organisations realise significant cost savings and risk reduction by making it easier than ever to manage their software estate.

Centennial SAM.Suite comprises the new version of the award-winning Centennial Discovery solution plus Centennial License Manager, which is specifically designed to help organisations capture license entitlements and then reconcile the validated license information against discovered software applications.

Centennial SAM.Suite offers a complete end-to-end SAM solution, providing the intelligence required for IT and business managers to make better decisions about procurement, licensing schemes, support contracts and ultimately disposal of software assets.

Centennial SAM.Suite represents a key step forward toward gaining control of software assets, as it is the first solution of its type to automate many of the SAM best practices as outlined in the ISO 19770-1 SAM standard.

In doing so, Centennial SAM.Suite addresses the fundamental requirements of SAM, from the initial identification and inventory of software on the network, through to creating license compliance reports.

By deploying SAM.Suite, organisations will be able to:

Reduce IT expenditures by eliminating unnecessary software purchases and identifying under-used assets, as well as negotiating better volume licensing programs and support contracts with vendors.

Achieve license compliance by enabling organisations to keep on top of software installations, usage and entitlement avoiding crippling compliance fines and associated damage to the business (negative publicity, lost customers, reduced share price, etc.) due to vendor audit failures.

Improve IT planning and management through tracking the status of currently-deployed assets and understanding the organisation’s licensing position. SAM.Suite helps managers plan and track IT initiatives with greater accuracy avoiding costly delays and unwelcome surprises.

“There are many good reasons for organisations to invest in Software Asset Management. Not only do they need to take action to avoid costly compliance fines and unnecessary over-spend on software, but establishing best practice management can have a number of positive impacts on the wider enterprise,” said Howard Waterson, Asia-Pacifc Regional Manager at Centennial Software.

“SAM.Suite’s automated management of all active licenses against user entitlement will help fend off unwanted audits and potential fines, and ensure that IT departments maintain total visibility and control of assets across the organisation, regardless of location.”

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