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Centennial Software, developer of IT security and asset management solutions, has released a new version of its endpoint security software, DeviceWall 4.5. The new release includes the ability to audit data being transferred from company networks onto devices, eases the setting of time-restricted access in exceptional circumstances and has a new graphical interface.

Designed to help organisations manage the business risks associated with portable storage devices on the corporate network, DeviceWall 4.5 provides IT managers with complete control of all attempted device connections and file transfers on and off the network.

A key enhancement in the new version of its award-winning security software is the ability to audit all data being copied between portable devices and company-owned assets. This will give managers complete visibility, not only of devices such as USBs, iPods and PDAs being connected to the network, but also individual files being transferred by authorised users.   

DeviceWall is the first solution of its kind to allow administrators to grant temporary access rights associated with portable storage devices. The revised temporary access feature makes it even easier for administrators to manage exceptional circumstances by granting time-limited access to specified devices. Additional developments include a new graphical user interface and support for Apache Web Server.

Together, these enhancements deliver the flexibility and granularity needed to help IT departments better meet changing business and security requirements.

With DeviceWall, unwanted connections can be stopped just as effectively as a brute force technique such as gluing-up USB ports. But unlike the superglue, DeviceWall can discriminate between authorised users and unwanted devices, with permissions being able to be changed in real-time by administrators. DeviceWall has always delivered this level of dynamic management, while the new version further widens the competitive gap. 
DeviceWall 4.5’s file access auditing automatically logs the names of accessed files, access permissions, date and time of access, name of the person accessing the information, process for accessing information (e.g. notepad.exe or explorer.exe), and whether the attempt was allowed or blocked. The software will automatically log all supported file actions, or administrators can manually select the processes and file types to be monitored. This provides IT managers with an unprecedented level of control to proactively identify and secure loopholes on the corporate network.

Additional features include a bundled policy customiser for creating white lists of approved devices, new installation procedures to get an organisation up and running quickly, and user interface enhancements that further simplify product setup and administration. DeviceWall 4.5 also supports Apache Web Server as an alternative to IIS. DeviceWall 4.5 is available immediately, and as a free upgrade to those customers with current support and maintenance contracts.

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