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Centennial Software warns companies lacking insight into software license compliance

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Centennial Software, a leading provider of Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions, has issued a warning to companies, who continue to lack insight into their software license compliance.  

According to Centennial Software, companies are far better off arming themselves with knowledge about their compliance status, rather than waiting for the auditors to come knocking.

Companies really do need to get on the front foot with regard to managing their license requirements. It is far easier to self-manage compliance, rather than being forced into it due to an audit.

Centennial Software tends to hear little about software audits, or reviews, as the major vendors like to call them. As such, it is actually all, but impossible to find out exactly how many are being conducted. What Centennial Software does know however is, they are far more common than CIOs imagine, numbering in the hundreds each year.

Being caught under-licensed can be an expensive exercise, with payments of six figures not uncommon to bring licensing up to actual usage. While it is not positioned as such, at the end of the day, license reviews represent big business for the major software vendors.

The cost can also be high from the point of view of individuals responsible for compliance, as more companies are taking action against those deemed negligent for IT and related failures.

A Software Asset Management solution by a vendor-recognised company will not only enable an organisation to get a clear view of its licensing requirements, but save them the costly, time consuming and inconvenient process of being audited.

IT outsourcing companies also need to be mindful of clients’ licensing, as they can find themselves liable for non-compliance.

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