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Sanitary pads from Cello Paper

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Cello Paper  is a specialist in offering paper products for industrial and packaging applications. Cello Paper offers paper products for incontinence. The incontinence paper products offered by Cello Paper include insert pads, stretch pads, form pads and bed protection underlay.

Insert pads offered by Cello Paper include moderate and light T pads, male pouch and anaform. The moderate and light T pads from Cello Paper include anaform petite, ecomidi, insert booster pad and anaform midi. These pads are offered with wetness indicator which indicates the wearer in efficient pad changing.

Cello Paper offers male pouch for male incontinence suffers who are under light incontinence problem. The male pouch traps the urine in a gel and prevents the possibility of leakage thus reducing the odour. The male pouch from Cello Paper has an adhesive which sticks firmly to the user’s underwear and hence aids in keeping the pouch firmly in the right place.

Cello Paper offers anaform pads which hugs the line of the body offering comfort and security. Cello Paper offers a wide range of anaform pads for all degrees of incontinence ranging from light to heavy incontinence. These pads are offered with effective fluff pads and adsorbent gel to optimise users comfort and protection.

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