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Medical paper products from Cello Paper

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Cello Paper  is a company which specialises in offering a wide range of products including medical paper, recycled paper products, printing papers, industrial papers, moisture control products, screen printing products, wiping materials, packaging products and printing boards.

Cello Paper offers medical paper products including clinical sheets, bench rolls, fenestrated drapers, patient bibs and dental napkins.

The clinical sheets from Cello Paper are designed for various applications including bed, tray liner and pillow protection in order to reduce cross infection. These sheets are available in a variety of sizes with or without polybacking option. Some of the clinical sheets from Cello Paper head pads, pillow covers, barrier sheets and examination sheets.

Cello Paper offers bench roll papers to protect laboratory benches, to facilitate quick clean ups in laboratory and for soaking small pills of liquid. The bench roll papers from Cello Paper plain bench roll paper and polylined barrier bench roll paper.

Cello Paper also offers dental napkins products including lined Q naps, lined yellow naps, lined blue naps, line tan naps, lined econaps and lined white naps.

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