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Portable 10GE Ethernet Testers from Celemetrix

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Celemetrix  have introduced the Bluelight BlueScope BL1000A handheld 10 Gigabit Ethernet testers into their rental fleet.

Features of 10GE Ethernet Testers:

  • 10GE Ethernet Testers are cable BERT on copper port, BERT in Unframed mode on fibre optical port.
  • Throughput testing - can generate multistream traffic up to 10Gbit/s on XFP, Ethernet frames, IP packets layer 1/2/3/4 with multiple modes such as continuous, ramping, burst mode.
  • RFC2544 - network benchmark testing supports throughput, latency, frame loss, and back-to-back frames without loss, all varying frame sizes defined in RFC 2544 standard on optical 10G XFP.
  • Packet analysis such as FCS errors, L3/L4 checksum errors, Round Trip Delay (RTD), Packet Arrival Interval (PAI), packet loss, sequence errors.
  • IP application test such as Ping, ARP, Trace Route, DNS, and DHCP.
  • Configurable QoS such as CoS, TOS and DSCP
  • 10GE Ethernet Testers feature optical power measurement.
  • Fast and effective screen capture for verification of test log.
  • 10GE Ethernet Testers Simplify the troubleshooting of IPTV services at the residential gateway.
  • File Manager: Copy test results, test log files, screen capture files, and configuration files into USB memory card.
  • Packet (MAC/VLAN/IP/Payload) Flooding.
  • In-depth powerful built-in CAPTURE and Analysis functions regarding all packets, filtered or event triggered option
  • Packet statistics measurement such as utilization, VLAN, control frame and packets, uni/multi/broadcasts, fewer than 64 byte (runt) frame, jumbo frame with global and filtered.
  • Loopback testing at layer 2 (MAC) and layer 3 (IP).

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