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Compliance Labelling

Label printer applicators are widely being used to fulfil large customer (e.g. Woolworths, Coles, Safeway, Bi-Lo, etc) requirements for barcode labelling and variable text (e.g. Use-By, Best Before, Batch Numbering, etc) for traceability.

In conjunction with regulatory body GS1 Australia (Formerly EAN Australia), the Australian Grocery Council has mandated that all cartons and pallets received at major distribution centres must have the appropriate outer carton and pallet barcode labels. On cartons, this ideally is to be on a minimum of adjacent faces at a specific distance from each edge of the carton. Similarly, pallets have specific placement location for all labels.

Every manufacturer supplying significant product to leading grocery retailers has this compliance issue. Manual application of these labels takes time, manpower is often inconsistent and ultimately can result in rejected products, which need to be either replaced or re-labelled.

Cedar Creek can help one with its Label Print and Apply Applicators, which provide cost-effective means of reliably and accurately applying compliance labels at speed, helping to reduce misplacement and reduce labour intensive manual tasks on the production floor.

Label printer applicators

Wherever there are compliance labelling requirements, companies are looking to throughput real possibilities for automated label application exist. Cedar Creek Company designs one’s appropriate labels to meet specifications, and has a range of manual, semi-auto and auto label applicators that can help to improve one’s business.

Cedar Creek’s print and apply label applicators can also provide a valuable tool for work in progress monitoring, production recording and inventory management, particularly when combined with wireless real-time barcode scanning. Each carton that is labelled and scanned is instantly entered into inventory and available for order allocation.

Management personnel can easily report on production throughput, monitor stock levels and work place productivity by small additional components added to each label print and apply system in the plant.

RFID technology

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) provides an automated and secure method of ensuring traceability of individual items, boxes, pallets, trucks, people and animals as they move from one place to another.

RFID technology is a fast growing segment in the field of automatic identification and data capture.

RFID tags will replace barcodes in certain applications.

Cedar Creek Company can provide RFID devices, readers and antennas, together with the expertise to install the devices and integrate with one’s existing systems.

Cedar Creek Company’s highly skilled technicians can also identify, supply and install a system specific to user application, while working closely with the user to ensure the system meets user specific requirements.

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