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Cedar Creek designs ILO integrated software system for food processing industry

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The Cedar Creek Company (CCC) Inventory & Loadout System (ILO) is a comprehensive, integrated software system designed specifically to address the demands of the food processing industry for a fully featured inventory package.

The ILO System provides processors with all the functionalities required to record, track, analyse and report on all carcass and carton inventory, by item and by location. The ILO System provides the business with a complete and up to date (real-time) view of its inventory, with access to all details, such as the age, value and exact location of each item.

The optimal use of the powerful inventory system is to integrate it to a full extent possible with on-floor and back office systems, thus ensuring automated data collection and processing are utilised to minimise (or eliminate) the tasks that were previously done manually. The module integrates seamlessly with all other modules of the CCC System.

CCC’s Inventory module is an industrial-strength system and is fully scaleable. The module can provide processors with complete inventory and load out functionalities for any size business, from a single plant level (abattoir, boning room or cold store) to a multi-site enterprise.

The Plant module provides full plant level inventory and load out functionalities for a single site, while the Enterprise module allows data from all sites to be automatically integrated to give a complete, real-time, enterprise-wide view of all inventories.

The Enterprise module can be used for the input, distribution and management of orders, and to automate this process, the module can be interfaced with CCC’s Sales Trading System.

The Inventory module provides for the traceability of cartons and carcasses from point of packing to load out. Items that have reached the customer can be identified by their EAN barcode, which allows tracing back to the time of packing. This then allows the tracing of all cartons produced within a given time frame or batch, including their shipping destinations.

Tracing further back from point of packing (e.g. to carcasses) can be done by the CCC Boning Room System to identify the boning lots that may have been processed into a particular carton.

The Load Out module is the final link in the ILO System. In the Load Out module, carcasses and cartons are scanned against orders and loaded onto pallets or into containers, using RF handheld terminal/scanners for optimal use of the real-time capabilities of the System. These RF terminal/ scanners come in short-range and long-range versions, and can be used with a mounting cradle on a forklift, so that product can be picked, scanned and loaded out all from the forklift driver’s seat.

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