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Cedar Creek Company develops RFID technology

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Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology uses microchips to wirelessly transmit product serial numbers to a scanner, without the need for human intervention. RFID creates new opportunities for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers. Customers can depend upon improved customer service.

Imagine enhanced opportunities that can lead to: accurate data capture, reliable item tracking through the entire supply chain, improved receiving/return of goods, sound logistics & warehouse management, and adequate security/anti-theft/counterfeit measures.

The RFID technology is one of the fast emerging technologies of the auto-identification industry of which, Cedar Creek Company is heavily involved in its development.

The technology itself is capable of enabling major changes in the way supply chains can be managed, and offers users the information that is essential if the right products are to be in the right place at the right time, without delays or missed selling opportunities.

The advantages are non-line-of-sight reading, tags that:

  • are readable at distance
  • can tolerate aggressive environments, such as extreme temperatures and excessive dust, etc
  • can be re-programmed and re-used
  • can be bulk read
  • have the ability to be data specific.

Cedar Creek Company can help one to identify, track and manage, assets, goods and services, and through its partnership with Intermec Technologies, offers highly-regarded range of data capture solutions, network devices, mobile computers and barcode printers.

Cedar Creek offers RFID technology, providing track and trace capabilities, and the whole solution to one’s industry requirements.

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