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Maplesoft launches DynaFlexPro/Tyre Module

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Maplesoft has launched DynaFlexPro/Tyre Module and released updates to DynaFlexPro and BlockBuilder. 
DynaFlexPro/Tyre is an optional add-on package to DynaFlexPro that allows users to incorporate the latest pneumatic tyre models into simulations of vehicle systems.  

DynaFlexPro is a Maple package for modelling and simulating the dynamics of mechanical multibody systems. A graphical user interface, DynaFlexPro/ModelBuilder, facilitates the rapid creation of full-vehicle models using block diagrams and drop-down menus.  

DynaFlexPro combines graph theory with engineering mechanics in algorithms that automatically generate the system equations from the system model. Maple’s powerful computer algebra technologies are used to create concise sets of system equations in symbolic form, which not only facilitates physical insight into the model but also produces efficient code for real-time execution. 

Maplesoft has also announced an update for DynaFlexPro 2.3 which means it can now be used with BlockBuilder for Simulink.  

Models created in DynaFlexPro can now be automatically converted to a Simulink S-Function with BlockBuilder for Simulink. If you are modelling multi-body mechanical systems using DynaFlexPro, you can now quickly generate Simulink blocks that are ready for real-time implementation using Real-Time Workshop. 

Highlights of the new update to BlockBuilder include new connection to DynaFlexPro for the rapid development of efficient, high-fidelity models of mechanical systems for use with Simulink, Real-Time Workshop and HIL test systems, improvements to the CodeGeneration package, various library enhancements and Linux support.

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