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MAPLESOFT has announced the upcoming release of its principal desktop productivity environment, Maple 9.5, used by industry, research organisations, and academic institutions worldwide.

Maple 9.5, distributed by Ceanet , builds on the primary design themes that embody all core Maplesoft products.

Rock-solid numerics and symbolics seamlessly integrated to offer a powerful and extensive solver suite.

New features include:

* New integrated algorithms for optimisation problems.

* New solvers for differential-algebraic equation systems for advanced modelling applications.

* Major performance improvements.

Effective tools to manage technical knowledge include:

* Integrated dictionary of engineering and mathematical terms for instant access to reference information.

* User interface improvements that make complex operations intuitive and quick.

* Enhancements to interactive plotting.

* New features for advanced users to streamline programming and application development.

Innovative features for education include:

* New student multivariate calculus package including computational routines, topic-specific visualisation, and innovative Maplet-based tutors.

* Enhancements to the pre-calculus package.

* Better support of Maplesoft's MapleNet, and Maple T.A. e-learning solutions.

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