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MAPLESOFT, represented by Ceanet , has announced the availability of nVizx for Maple, a high-end visualisation software for 3D modelling, simulation and presentation.

With nVizx for Maple, engineers, scientists and educators are able to take large volumes of natural and synthetic data, add complex calculations and generate high resolution, dynamic images for analysis and presentation.

nVizx is the affordable software alternative for high-end visualisation. It works dynamically with Maple, a powerful and intuitive tool for solving complex mathematical problems and creating rich, executable technical applications, to rapidly generate precise, high-resolution images and objects.

Images created with nVizx can be saved in standard graphics file formats and pasted into Maple worksheets.

Designed by Splinex Technology and launched under the MapleConnect Premier program, nVizx for Maple enables users who work with complex mathematical data and multi-dimensional models and images to generate dynamic, high-resolution 3D objects and scenes from large data sets and complex calculations in seconds with precise detail on a typical Windows personal computer.

The software enables engineers, educators and researchers to rapidly manipulate and modify objects and scenes during research, development and pre-prototyping phases, without having to invest in expensive hardware or limited-use software.

The advanced toolset and speed of nVizx for Maple empowers users to push new experimental and investigative boundaries by accelerating workflow through real-time detailed visual feedback.

nVizx for Maple has many applications in industry segments such as engineering, aerospace, automotive, bio-medicine, geometrics, metrology and terrestrial imaging.

The high-end visualisation software is designed for mechanical engineers, geophysicists, financial analysts, operations researchers and seismic engineers who need to visualise data and models at an early stage in the research and development process.

It can also benefit educators teaching differential geometry subjects, academics presenting complex multi-dimensional images and students who want to make outstanding visual presentations.

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