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Motor-driven cable and hose reels

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article image Includes a patented hydro-dynamic friction drive system.

FOR more than 35 years, Cavotec Metool has been involved in the development and manufacturing of motorised cable reels for horizontal and vertical applications, both for continuous and intermittent duty.

Cavotec uses different driving systems for different applications sizes. The range includes hydrodynamic, torque motors, permanent magnet clutches and, for the largest reels, the electronic torque control systems.

Cavotec Metool manufactures and designs motor driven hose and cable reels in Australia for the tough and unique Australian conditions.

The reels are individually designed for each application using the latest standard drive equipment including Cavotec Metool's patented hydro-dynamic friction drive systems.

Extensive attention has been given to safety, reliability and long service life in the design of all the Cavotec Metool reels.

In the non-fabricated items the use of standard quality products ensures reliability and supply of economical spare parts.

The hydro-dynamic friction system allow a simple solution with long maintenance-free life. Most importantly it provides a safe working torque for the reels without extensive wear.

Cavotec Metool offer a variety of drum types including mono-spiral, random lay, three two three lay and parallel lay drum-type to accommodate dimensional and economic requirements.

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