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Ergonomic seating solution that addresses lower back and shoulder injuries, Brieda Operators Console Chairs from Cavotec intelligence helps support operators of drag line and shovel applications.

Intelligently designed personal safety system has been specialise to reduce serious skill shortages and potential injuries to operations.
Innovative and efficient Operator Console Chairs enhanced with automatic adjusting electronic controls
Developed to optimise efficiency and support critical operational health and safety standards, an integrated automatic function of the chair back and side console boxes are designed to maintain natural arm distance ratio.

Protecting your operations for necessary injury and increasing work efficiency with:
  • Increased operator comfort and control
  • Reduced fatigue and potential injury
  • Ultimately improves efficiency and productivity
Improving work conditions to increase productivity without risk of injury, the Brieda Operators Console Chairs are a high performance solution for improved Occupational Health and Safety standards. Cavotec Australia information and contact details

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