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article image Quality Cariboni conductor bar products are available from Cavotec Metool.

CARIBONI conductor bars are manufactured for most location requirements. Tough, reliable performance is the trademark of the range, which is manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Assurance standards.

The most popular ranges of Cariboni conductor bars in Australia are IsolCar 92, Speed and Atollo. They are available from Cavotec Metool .

The comprehensive Cariboni Isolcar range includes galvanised steel and copper with capacities up to 2200A.

The IsolCar 92 range consists of individual conductor bars for each phase of power. The standard power range is 110A galvanised bar, 200A solid copper bar, 350A copper bar and up to 2200A bar upon special request.

The successful and popular 110A galvanised series is characterised by its 2m support centres, which lowers installation and capital costs. Its very strong and robust metal support clips add additional strength and protection to the bar and the structure relying upon its power.

The Speed conductor bar series is capable of conducting five phases of power within the one insulated housing. 40A continuous copper strips are simply installed in the housing.

The Speed series insulated housing is very flexible and can be bent on-site during installation down to diameters of 550mm. This makes the Speed series very attractive, as no pre-bending is required and the continuous copper strips ensure a smooth and greater performance of the collectors.

Speed is very popular for bending around beams of monorail systems and is quicker and easier to install for systems incorporating bends.

Atollo is a totally enclosed conductor bar system that is capable of conducting up to five phases of power in an insulated housing. Unlike the Speed series, the copper strips are housed internally within the housing to ensure a safe and impurity-free system.

The Atollo series is capable of conducting 70A, 100A or 200A copper strips and uses an internal collector system uses a more stable motion system. Therefore, the collector is not highly exposed to chattering of the phases and excessive twisting.

The Atollo conductor bar offers the greatest safety features, which is integral in its design and is popular for conductor bar applications that are located near ground level within reach of human contact. When the sealing strips are used on the Atollo bar this keeps out unwanted dirt, dust and corrosive fumes.

Additionally, by pumping a low air pressure through the sealed bar a positive air flow further prevents impurities or fumes entering the bar.

Cavotec Metool’s extensive engineering experience combined with quality Cariboni conductor bar products, ensures Cavotec can calculate the correct conductor bar parameters and advise which conductor bar would be best suited for a specific application.

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