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Caterpillar's new EL 1000 Longwall Shearer

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Caterpillar’s new shearer model, the EL1000, is designed specifically for low and medium height seams. Currently in development, Caterpillar will display it at Longwall, USA.

The EL1000 has a precisely designed system with the power, production potential, controllability and safety features to meet future demands and different geological conditions.

The model will cover seam heights from 1.6 to 3.2 metres, has an estimated cutting power of 1,600 horsepower (1000kW) and haulage power of around 2 x 134 horsepower (2 x 100kW).

Like other longwall shearer models, the EL 1000 will have a huge one-piece mainframe construction, exchangeable modular components and advanced automation.

The shearer operation, production levels and component condition can be monitored on site and from the surface.

The powerful PMC Evo-S control system offers enhanced automation and Ethernet communication. It can be operated in automated mode in consistent geological conditions, keeping personnel and productivity in the ‘safe zone’.

The new two-piece trapping shoe design, with separate structural and wear elements, cuts the weight so it can be handled during replacement from more than 500 kilograms for the normal trapping shoe to less than 50 kilograms per insert.

This allows for greater flexibility as change-out can be performed anywhere along the face since heavy lifting equipment, typically located only at the gate ends, is not required.

The result: easier, safer handling.

The EL 1000 also comes with high quality product support from Cat dealers – replacement parts, competent timely service and industry expertise.

For more information about Cat longwall mining products contact your local Cat dealer or go to mining.cat.com/longwall.

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