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Caterpillar introduces new models of Asphalt Pavers

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article image New models of Asphalt Pavers

Caterpillar introduces three models of Asphalt Pavers in Australia - the AP-1000D,

AP-1055D and AP-800D. The AP-1000D and AP-800D are wheel-type pavers and the AP-1055D is a Mobil-trac track-type paver. These high production paver finishers have key features customers will appreciate, including:

High capacity cooling packages and low sound levels. For paving in high ambient Australian temperatures, the packages allow the variable speed fan to run slower, contributing to lower sound levels and reduced power demands. That, in turn, improves fuel efficiency. The system also provides a cooler engine compartment and operating platform.

Advanced material handling system. The paver utilises a machine controller to provide the precise material volume needed to the augers; thus maintaining the proper head of material in front of the screed. The ability to precisely handle the material minimises handwork for operators.

Dual ergonomic operator stations and excellent overall visibility. Dual swing-out operator stations that can rotate to four different positions minimises operator fatigue. The station also allows greater visibility to the augers as well as the trucks.

Cat asphalt pavers

The AP-1000D and AP-1055D high production pavers feature the Cat C7 engine with ACERT Technology; whilst the AP-800 is fitted with a Cat 3054 ATAAC. These engines meet stringent emission standards and are reliable and durable for years of low maintenance operation.

Cat asphalt pavers offer a high capacity cooling system for paving in high ambient Australian temperatures. The high capacity cooling system allows a variable speed fan to run slower thus contributing to lower sound levels and a reduced power demand, resulting in improved fuel efficiency.

Operation features

The paver deck of the AP-1000D and AP-1055D offers dual operator stations that have equipped consoles, adjustable suspension seats, armrests and retractable seat belts. Operator stations can be positioned beyond the machine frame for greater operator visibility when joint matching or in other applications where precise control is required.

The close-looped propulsion system incorporates several travel modes to provide versatility and allows the operator to maintain a pre-set paving speed throughout the job. The machine controller also provides accurate control of the steering and propulsion systems and ensures straight-line tracking. Operators will appreciate the exclusive steer assist feature on the

AP-1000D, which allows precise operator control and a machine turning radius of 1.5 metres.

The Caterpillar exclusive Mobil-trac undercarriage on the AP-1055D combines the traction and flotation benefits of a track undercarriage with the mobility, speed, and ride characteristics of a wheeled paver.

The wheel type undercarriage in the AP-1000D and AP-800D is driven by a hydrostatic propel system which includes three propel modes providing precise operator control to meet pave, travel and maneuver conditions.


The AP-1000D and AP-1055D are available with either the AS-2301 front-mounted or Extend-A-Mat 10-20B rear-mounted electric screeds; whilst the medium-sized AP-800D is available with either AS-2251 or Extend-A-Mat 8-16B electric screeds.

The environmentally friendly electric heating system heats the screed efficiently providing a warm-up time in 30 minutes or less. The heating elements are serviceable and are mounted to the screed plates in a multi-zone configuration providing even heat distribution. The system incorporates temperature sensors in each screed section in order to automatically maintain the screed plates at the desired temperature or make adjustments once the system is activated; thus requiring minimal operator intervention.

The screed control panel incorporates touch-pad technology with high intensity LED’s that promote simplified use and diagnostic capability with minimal operator training.

The AS-2301 and AS-2251 screeds also feature a patented pre-strike off shield. The pre-strike off shield allows the proper amount of material to enter the area in front of the main screed. When the thickness screws are used to adjust the mat depth, proportional changes occur because the shields are attached to the drop arms with a mechanical linkage.

When the screed depth changes occur, the height of the shields automatically changes. This eliminates the need to consistently monitor the head of material in front of the screed when depth changes are made.

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