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Caterpillar F-Series off-highway mining trucks

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article image Designed for comfortable and efficient operation: Caterpillar Off-Highway Trucks

THE Caterpillar of Australia Pty Ltd 773F, 775F and 777F Off-Highway Trucks incorporate many new features to enhance performance, productivity and reliability, as well as operator comfort and control. Each of the trucks has a new engine and radiator, enhanced transmission and brakes, and a new cab and operator station.

The new trucks offer well-designed access for operators and service personnel. A new information system, Cat Messenger, aids both maintenance technicians and operators.

A variety of body styles for the 773F and 775F enable a customer to configure a truck for the specific application-to achieve optimum capacity and durability. Caterpillar now offers dual slope and flat floor body systems with three different steel liner packages and two rubber liner packages on the 773F and 775F. The 777F now has a rubber liner available in addition to the steel liner offered previously.

The 773F and 775F are designed for quarry and construction applications in the 60-ton (54.4-tonne) and 70-ton (63.5-tonne) payload classes, respectively. The two smaller F-Series models replace the 773E and 775E. The 777F is in the 100-ton (90.9-tonne) payload class, and it replaces the 777D. The versatile 777F has applications in quarrying, construction and mining.

The F-Series trucks feature Cat engines with ACERT Technology for fuel-efficient operation, emissions compliance and responsive, reliable performance. The 773F and 775F both use the Cat C27 engine-producing net power of 703 hp (524 kW) in the 773F and 740 hp (552 kW) in the 775F. The 777F has a Cat C32 engine with ACERT Technology. Net power is 938 hp (700 kW).

In the 773F the C27 engine meets U.S EPA Tier 3 and European Union Stage IIIa requirements. The C27 in the 775F meets U.S. EPA Tier 2 and European Union Stage II regulations, as does the C32 in the 777F. The engines feature the Caterpillar MEUITM Fuel System, which combines the technical advancement of electronic control with the simplicity of direct, mechanically controlled fuel injection.

Due mainly to the efficient combustion technology, the engine service interval for each of the trucks is 500 hours-twice that of the previous truck models. QuickEvac, the Caterpillar on-board engine oil evacuation and pre-lube system, is standard on F-Series trucks and reduces oil change labor time by as much as 50%.

A new modular radiator design provides 3.5 times more fin spacing, making it easier to clean and service. The single-pass flow cools more efficiently, too, when compared to the dual-pass system used previously.

The F-Series seven-speed transmission provides a superior ride with smoother speed and directional shifts through the use of the Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC) system. The system individually modulates each clutch in the transmission and extends life of drive train components.

The F-Series brakes are all hydraulic, rather than air over hydraulic. The result is superior reliability, response, control, serviceability and modulation. The parking brake is integrated into the gear selector for easy operation.

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