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Caterpillar E-series backhoe loader range models introduced

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The new Caterpillar E-series backhoe loader range, models 422E, 428E, 432E, 442E, 434E and 444E have a number of new and enhanced features based on feedback from customers, and the Caterpillar commitment to delivering lower owning and operating costs, and increased reliability.

The E-series range has been significantly widened to provide increased choice for Cat customers around the world. The 422E, for example, is a classic backhoe loader, built to perform traditional work tasks, around the clock, in tough conditions. At the other end of the spectrum, there is the all new 434E and 444E, which bring new levels of power and performance to the Cat backhoe loader range.

The new load-sensing, flow sharing hydraulics and an improved backhoe design and geometry, offer greater control and a ten percent increase in loader breakout performance. A new slider frame design has the option of a powered side shift, and the new outer sliding E-stick delivers extended reach and digging performance, while reducing maintenance and repair costs. The E-series cab is one of the large in the industry helping to create a comfortable working environment.
Every model has an on road speed of 40 kph.

422E and 428E – tough where it counts
The 422E and 428E with mechanical controls are built to deliver low owning and operating costs, and reliable performance in tough environments.

Owning and operating costs are reduced by

Fast and efficient maintenance: The E-series has been designed from the ground up to make the speed to assess and maintain the backhoe loaders as fast and efficient as possible, from the externally serviceable clamp cylinders on the slider frame, to slotted stabilizer legs for easy cleaning.
Simple servicing: All the daily fluid and filter checks are colour coded and accessible from the left hand side of the machine. This makes checks faster and more accurate, while saving money and improving reliability over time.
Reduced replacement costs: The stabilizer street pads and slider frame wear pads have been designed to be reversible.

Reliability and durability are increased by

Stick design: The outer sliding E-stick does not drag material back into the wear pads accelerating wear. Furthermore, the wear pads are externally serviceable, allowing for fast and efficient adjustment in the field. The serrations have been incorporated to protect the stick when clamping material. This means a tougher and more practical stick that does not compromise stability, but delivers longer life.
Durable components: Cat quality is guaranteed from simple things such as attention to electrical harness and hydraulic hose routings, to the robust transmission guard and maintenance-free front axle.

432E – operator comfort and versatility
The 432E brings a new level of operator comfort, which combined with a large range of work tools (attachments) makes it easy to operate during the whole working day.

Operator comfort is improved by

Spacious comfort cab: A larger cab incorporating an air suspension seat and adjustable pod-mounted pilot controls allow operators to find the comfortable seating position.
Outstanding visibility: Larger front windscreen, narrow console, uncluttered windows and adjustable work lights give the operator a view of the job, day and night.
Reduced noise levels: The load sensing hydraulics delivers unmatched precision and performance. The operator can work at lower engine revs helping to reduced noise levels.
Increased security: The optional Cat Machine Security System is as simple to use as a car immobiliser. Combined with the new vandal guard for the gauge panel, it makes an effective deterrent for unwanted visitors.

Versatile performance is enhanced by

Work tools: A wide range of Cat backhoe loader work tools is available. The front hydraulic quick coupler, interchangeable between the Cat compact wheel loaders and telehandlers, and the rear mechanical quick coupler make it easy to change tools. In addition, stackable counterweights are standard, making the machine quickly adaptable from precision grading and heavy lifting.
Clean and simple: The high rotation bucket linkage delivers deeper, flat-bottomed trenches and less spillage. A variety of stick options allow customers to run their existing work tools.

442E - top performer with high productivity
With its 73 kW (98 horsepower) engine and enhanced hydraulic performance, the 442E delivers outstanding levels of productivity.

Hydraulic performance is improved by

Flow sharing hydraulic system: The E-series load sensing, hydraulic system supplies exact flow and pressure on demand, giving better control, higher productivity and lower fuel bills.
Variable displacement piston pumps and flow sharing valves: The E-series hydraulic system is equipped with variable displacement piston pumps and flow sharing valves, so even when performing multiple, high demand tasks, the operator never loses functionality and the job gets done quicker and easier. It is an implement modulation system in the industry.

Productivity is increased by

Linkage and stick design: The high rotation linkage and E-stick give better material retention, deeper E-stick reach and the excavator-style boom design provide clearance making the 442E ideal for digging over walls, or loading trucks.
Hydraulic pressure: A massive 155 l/min and 248 bar of hydraulic pressure translate into higher bucket breakout forces. In addition, the E-series’ larger surface area stabilizer pads enables the machine to perform in all underfoot conditions.
Differential lock: An optional differential lock on the 442E allows the machine to work productively even on rainy, muddy days.

434E and 444E – high performance with equal size tyres

The 434E and 444E, with equal size tyres, combine outstanding loader productivity with exceptional levels of power to meet demanding applications.

Power is increased by

Large torque converter and fuel tank: Armed with the large torque converter in the E-series range, the 444E delivers serious traction to the ground through its massive 28” tyres. The increased 187-litre fuel tank means less downtime.
All wheel steer system: The Cat all wheel steer system gives the 434E and 444E outstanding manoeuvrability around the site, making even the small jobs and tight work schedules possible. With the smooth autoshift transmission, working even in lower gears, the E-series chooses the right gear for the task making operation simple and efficient.

Loader performance is enhanced by

Pod mounted pilot hydraulics: The 444E features pod mounted pilot hydraulics on both the loader and hoe controls. These low effort controls are easy to use helping the operator stay focused for longer. The solution also greatly improves visibility to the rear.
Wheel loader characteristics: With their awesome power, the 434E and 444E deliver outstanding loader performance. The 1.15/1.3 m3 loader bucket, hydraulic quick coupler option, outstanding breakout forces, self-leveling system and extra lift height make the 434E and 444E ideal for the tough loader applications.

A range of centremount machines, the 416E, 420E and 430E, are also available.

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