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Kitchen accessories, toasters and knives from Catering Kitchen Warehouse

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Catering Kitchen Warehouse  offers a comprehensive range of catering equipment including kitchen accessories, microwave, toasters and knives. Kitchen accessories from Catering Kitchen Warehouse include bonzer can opener, Kitchenaid mixer commercial, Robot Coupe, cream whipper and whipper bulbs. Bonzer can openers have strong construction and suitable for handling cans of different shapes and sizes. These can openers are capable of screwing onto the workbenches. Kitchenaid commercial mixers from Catering Kitchen Warehouse comprise of two stainless bowls with capacity of 4.8 litres in conjunction with accessories.

Different types of knives provided by Catering Kitchen Warehouse include cooks knife, carving knife, bread knife, utility knife, peeling knife and vegetable chopper. Commercial microwave oven supplied by Catering Kitchen Warehouse comprises of several features that include 30 litre capacity, analogue controls, ceramic base, stirrer fan, five microwave power levels and operable in power conditions of 1100 watts.

Eco Toaster Griller from Catering Kitchen Warehouse is suitable for grilled food as well as toasted sandwiches. This has stainless steel construction and comprise of multiple racks. This toaster has the capability to toast from six slices to about 15 slices of bread and operates in power conditions ranging from 10 amperes to 15 amperes.

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