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Natural zeolites for gardens and lawns from Castle Mountain Zeolites

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Castle Mountain Zeolites  provides natural zeolites to commercial industries and these zeolites are available in a range of particle sizes and specifications. Castle Mountain Zeolites began its operation after the discovery of high grade natural zeolite deposits. This deposit consists of high grade zeolite which is ideal for filtering water. The zeolites are packed in plastic lined bags which help in preventing contamination.

Castle Mountain Zeolites are considered as a store house for water and plant nutrients. It is odourless and also absorbs environmental odours. Castle Mountain Zeolites can be mixed along with animal manures to reduce the odour emitted out from the manure. Castle Mountain Zeolites also takes up plant nutrients present in the manure. It is found that animal manures which are not treated with zeolites release nitrogen and ammonia gas.

Sand sizes Castle Mountain Zeolites are ideal for gardens, lawns and pots. Natural zeolites refilled with water do not degrade in the environment. Zeolites also help in increasing the efficiency of artificial fertilisers like ammonia and sulphate and they prevent the loss of ammonia to the atmosphere.

Castle Mountain Zeolites are a store house for various nutrients like potassium and nitrogen, which are required for the growth of plants. Minor elements like iron, copper, zinc and magnesium can also be accommodated.

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