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Castle Mountain Zeolites offers zeolite for sewage and waste water treatment

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Zeolite products from Castle Mountain Zeolites are useful for various applications in mining industry, for liquid effluent treatment and in the sewage sludge industry.

Zeolites are used for removing contaminated metals present in effluent mine waters. Liquid effluents can be reduced using a zeolite filtration medium. Zeolites at mining industry also act as a sentinel and absorb cyanide and other heavy metals thus preventing contaminations.

Zeolites are also used as a filtering agent. Zeolite over sand provides safe, clean and quality water. Zeolite binds to the nutrients like ammonia and removes them and it can be applied as slow release fertiliser for agriculture, horticulture and gardens.

Zeolites also control metal ions and other odours emitted out. When metal ions get removed it makes the water soft and prevents stains from manganese and iron. Zeolite filter medium also removes nutrients, heavy metals biological oxygen demand.

Zeolites from Castle Mountain Zeolites act as an effective filter medium and it is used for removing offensive odours emitted from streams.

Dangerous heavy metals are also absorbed by zeolites from solutions and toxic metals are held in the crystal structure so that they do not get leached. Solid zeolite can be cement stabilised for environmental protection.

Zeolites are also used by sewage sludge industries. Zeolites absorb heavy metals and odours and reduce offensive odour released from the sewage sludge. Leaching process is also carried out using zeolites. Zeolites absorb phosphorus; nitrogen and potassium present in the effluents and release them slowly.

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