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Every day, it seems, investors hear stories about a credit crunch that is squeezing bank balances around the country.

The bottom line, it all started when mortgagers began defaulting is a large scale loses to high risk borrowers.

These risk lending companies borrow money from leading banks thus banks having to absorb loses itself as lenders recorded down turns in profits.

All companies associated in the lending pool subsequently could not adsorb, or recoup the down turn. This flowing into the Dow Jones, as major insurance companies in the US started to reflect loses as well.

With most of its lending tied up in Sub prime mortgages, the recipe for disaster started. Most thought the boom would last forever, but this is a gentle reminder, nothing lasts forever.

Even here in Australia large lending organisations have burrowed against this sub prime pool in the USA. More and more Cashflow Finance see costs slowly being flowed on to the working class, and pressuring Australian Industry as it fights to maintain growth and profits.

Cashflow Finance members understand business. Cashflow Finance funding is not effected by banks as Cashflow Finance have private investors.

Cashflow Finance has flexibility in business lending, which some lenders have said in the past Cashflow Finance are expensive.

But now you will find that as interest rates rise and banks follow suit, Cashflow Finance can provide funding at a reasonable rate.

Others now have to borrow money at an expensive rate and on flow those costs to there clients.

Cashflow Finance also recognises the fact, that times may be good now, but how long will it last.

Cashflow Finance has taken measures in all industries to provide the possible product, service, it can offer. This effectively gives Cashflow Finance a word of mouth referral system which keeps Cashflow Finance Company growing.

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