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Side shifter and fork positioners from Cascade Australia

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Cascade Australia  provides wide range of fork attachment products. Side shifter attachments from Cascade Australia help in shifting the loads from side to side and reduce the time of handling. Side shifters are available in various models including F-series and E-series.

F series side shifter is designed with S shaped hook for increased visibility. The grease fitting is located in the upper hook and it helps in easy lubrication. This F series side shifter has J plate which helps in easy installation. The bearings are protected under upper hook and it is has adjustable lower mounting hooks.
Fork positioners from Cascade Australia helps lift truck operators to move the forks accurately and quickly and it helps in easy fitting of pallet sizes. The fork positioners offered by Cascade Australia includes F series, C series, H series and D series.

F series fork positioners from Cascade Australia are ideal for food processing and outdoor uses. The features include smooth, even fork travel, welding process is not required during installation and it comes with side shift cylinder having fixed hose termination. Other options include bronze bearings, lower hooks, available with non side shifting models; sequence valve is used along with single auxiliary valve.

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