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Engineered fork products from Cascade Australia

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Cascade Australia  is involved in assembling pipe fittings, stainless steel and other components and provides material handling solutions. Cascade Australia also designs, manufactures and sells hydraulic attachments.

Cascade Australia provides engineered fork products which are available in various sizes and models. All these engineered fork products are ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

Stainless steel clad forks from Cascade Australia are ideal for use in high sanitary applications in beverage and food industry. Carpet rams come in long round poles and are designed for handling carpet rolls. Drum forks from Cascade Australia is used for quick handling of drums and barrels.

Fork extensions from Cascade Australia are used for extending the length of fork blades while handling large and longer loads. Shaft forks suits all pin type carriages. Spark retardant forks from Cascade Australia are ideal for dangerous atmosphere and locations. Block forks helps in handling of blocks and bricks.

Lumber and plywood forks from Cascade Australia come with square heel, single taper, double taper and forged heel models. The gypsum forks provided by Cascade Australia
is designed using urethane pad. It protects the product while handling wall boards and other products made from gypsum materials.

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