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Automatic end-load cartoning

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Kliklok-Woodman has supplied a fully automatic end-load cartoning and product handling system to an American food producer, specialising in sweet and savoury bakery products.

Previously packed on a top-load cartoning line, this customer chose an end-load solution whilst retaining a special “top opening” feature on an end load carton.

The customer’s factory space is long and narrow; therefore an in-line system was needed to make the most of the available space.

Due to the nature of the product – topped with chocolate, icing and sugar – the new “self-cleaning” Kliklok-Woodman Smooth Independent Product Transfer Unit (IPTU) was chosen to eliminate any debris from contaminating the flat belts.

The fresh, trayed product arrives narrow side leading in a single lane.

The SIPTU smoothly and positively transfers the trays into the KW Rotary Transfer System (RTS).

This carousel unit has a series of locating arms to gently guide each tray and using a rotary motion, re-orientates the trays to become broadside leading on entry to the product in-feed conveyor of KW’s HSR end-load cartoner, capable of up to 250 cartons a minute.

The trays are then inserted into the cartons and glue closed in a typical fashion.

A unique feature, developed by a specific request from the customer, is a “thrift marker”.

The operative will identify a substandard product when it is between two identifying marks on the product in-feed conveyor by pressing a button.

The button will trigger a light indicating that the button has been pressed.

The signal will be stored in a shift register within the PLC of the HSR, and be used to signal a proprietary coder to inkjet a special mark to the top panel of the appropriate carton.

This automatic line will be installed at the bakery plant in New York, USA, alongside several other Kliklok-Woodman machines still efficiently running, some after more than 25 years.

For more information, contact Carter Holt Harvey Packaging .

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