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Quality diamond blades from Carrington Industrial Abrasives

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Carrington Industrial Abrasives , based in Sydney is an importer and distributor of large range of quality diamond blades and tools and has been in this business since 1999.

Carrington Industrial Abrasives sources its diamond blades from manufacturers all over the world and distributes to a network of clients throughout the state.

Quality diamond blades from Carrington Industrial include concrete spec blades, asphalt cutting, demo saw blades, concrete pavers, green concrete blades, hard brick blades, angle grinder blades, soft and hard materials, sandstone and cement blocks.

Range of stone saw blades include KW A/M laser for soft concrete pavers, KW H/M laser for hard clay pavers, AIA natural stone blade for marble and limestone, blades for cutting diamond segments, green concrete blades, brick saw blades for common clay bricks, wet continuous blades for cutting terracotta, dry cutting concrete segmented blades, continuous blades for ceramic tiles, hard and medium concrete blades, laser welded, general purpose diamond blades and fast asphalt cutting diamond blades. Carrington Industrial Abrasives generally supplies 4 inches to 24 inches blade size.

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