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Online carpooling services offered by Carpool-it.com

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Carpool-it.com  provides online carpooling services to drivers and passengers. Carpooling is a co-operative travel arrangement made between passengers and drivers to a common destination. The online carpool portal designed by Carpool-it.com helps frequent passengers or drivers to a common destination to share their address level database. Carpooling is an innovative strategy that individuals can utilise to save cost of fuel and tolls. Passengers and drivers traveling towards a common destination can register in the online portal developed by Carpool-it.com. The online carpooling service offered by Carpool-it.com is economic and environment friendly. Carpooling reduces traffic congestions and parking problems.

The online carpooling service offered by Carpool-it.com helps in minimising the actual traffic that helps in reducing the emission of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere. Carpooling contributes to cleaner and greener environment. The carpooling software designed by Carpool-it.com is patented.

Carpool-it.com provides its clients with suitable matches through the following matching strategies; geographical matching, chronological matching and personal matching. Carpool-it.com provides all its registered members with a bulletin point to share address information that helps individuals in setting a meeting point to make the travel agreement.

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