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Australian-made roughing milling cutter

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article image Carmet’s milling cutter.

DESIGNED and manufactured in Australia, Carmet's new roughing milling cutter utilises the 100-degree corner of CNMG-1204 inserts.

With a 75-degree approach angle this cutter is a versatile, robust and economical roughing cutter which, if CNMG/CNMA/CNMM inserts are used for turning operations, the inserts cost nothing.

The cutter is available in 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 160mm and 200mm diameters ex stock. Larger diameters, 250mm and 315mm are available to order.

A 90-degree approach cutter which uses the 80-degree corner is also available in the above sizes.

Turning tools which use both the 80 and 100-degree corners are also manufactured and stocked in Australia.

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