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Zrinkski AG use Carl Zeiss 3D coordinate measuring machines for implants

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Zrinkski AG rely on measuring technology for quality control of medical products. An implant must improve a patient's quality of life for many years. This requires accurate milling and drilling, as well as quality control. Zrinski AG use Carl Zeiss machining centres and measuring technology for accurate milling and drilling.

Zrinski AG manufacture various implants, including artificial disks made of a special alloy. These implants are made of one-piece trimmed blocks. More than 60 CNC machining centres have been set up in the fully climate-controlled production facility. The measuring labs, where all implants are tested under the same climate-controlled conditions, are located directly next to the machines.

Zrinski AG use validated processes and tools for functionality and safety during the production of implants such as the artificial disks. Maximum accuracy starts with CNC machining and continues with in-depth quality assurance using advanced 3D coordinate measuring machines (CMM) from Carl Zeiss. A through check and seamless documentation are the final steps in quality assurance. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA requires total documentation of the entire process for medical products that will be sold there.

Carl Zeiss 3D coordinate measuring machines can ensure product quality through stable production processes. Four PRISMO, four CONTURA and one ACCURA run continuously in the measuring labs. Technicians at Zrinski AG use feature-oriented, CAD-based CALYPSO measuring software from Carl Zeiss on CMMs to inspect the quality of medical products. Fine transitions between different geometric features such as those on an artificial spinal disk can be precisely measured with this software. Carl Zeiss 3D coordinate measuring machines with navigator functionality select the optimal scanning speed for each element depending on the stylus and the narrow tolerances such as high speed for high tolerances and low speed for narrow.

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