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Zeiss ACCURA II coordinate measuring machine reliably measures small motor parts

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article image Alexander Klein measures a functionally relevant plastic enclosure for an electric motor using ACCURA II and VAST XT gold
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Multi-sensor technology from Carl Zeiss Pty Ltd is being used by Nidec Motors & Actuators GmbH in Bietigheim-Bissingen to reliable measure the individual parts of small motors to ensure quality and efficiency.

Nidec Motors & Actuators has invested in one of the most modern coordinate measuring machines, the ACCURA II bridge-type measuring device from Carl Zeiss. Zeiss ACCURA II is used for initial inspection and prototype measurements of drive modules, which are small motors with or without brushes.

Ronald Frey, Laboratory Manager for Motors and Prototypes explains that the Zeiss ACCURA II helps them get precise measurements quickly and efficiently to enable their entire value creation process to run optimally. Additionally, the device helps them comply with tolerances between 10 and 50 micrometres.

In use for more than half a year, the Zeiss ACCURA II coordinate measuring machine has already measured several individual parts, prototypes and sample batches. Nidec's drive modules often consist of plastic enclosures reinforced with glass fibre whose characteristics are complex geometrical elements. For this reason, a measuring device with MASS and Navigator technology was selected.

Higher productivity with MASS and Navigator

Active central VAST probes deliver high productivity and the values for the THP scanning error of these sensors have been the reference for years. The central sensors with VAST are highly precise even with low position tolerances and can accommodate very long and complex stylus systems.

With 20,736 positions and low measuring force, the flexibility of the RDS stepping articulating system with VAST XXT is ideal for the measurement of injection mouldings. The RDS also impresses with its ability to make use of optical sensors such as the ViScan camera system or the LineScan laser scanner in a CNC capable manner.

MASS (Multi Application Sensor System) from Carl Zeiss is known for its ability to implement both a central probe as well as an articulating probe holder with different contact and optical sensors. Sensors can be quickly and easily replaced by the operator.

Alexander Klein, who is in charge of measuring technology, is very satisfied with the measuring machine and software. In addition to the ability to process the entire range of applications very quickly and efficiently using CALYPSO measuring software, measurement plans can be quickly changed using safety cube technology and travel paths can also be automatically generated just as quickly.

The graphic display and evaluation in CALYPSO and FlexReporting show the measuring results in an easy-to-understand format, eliminating misinterpretations. Automatic acceptance of information from drawings is another unique feature of CALYPSO.

Key benefits of ACCURA II coordinate measuring machine:

  • Significantly improves product quality
  • Can be used to quickly obtain tool correction data and reduce iteration loops
  • High measuring speed enables more measurements and a higher number of samples
  • MASS and Navigator technology deliver excellent measuring productivity
  • Highly dynamic device due to VAST navigator, laser monitoring in high-speed mode, neutralisation of centrifugal forces and dynamic calibration of the stylus
  • More components can be tested per hour than with previous measurement processes
  • RDS-CAA stepping articulating probe holder with the VAST XXT probe is extremely flexible
  • Sensitive plastic and punched parts can be measured using contact methods due to VAST XXT's extremely low measuring forces of 0.01–0.13 N
  • Ensures plastic parts are not bent, preventing measuring errors
  • Graphically displayed results by CAD-based CALYPSO measuring software eliminates need for additional explanation

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