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Zahnradfabrik Wittmann uses Carl Zeiss coordinate measuring machine for parts measurement

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article image Uwe Fischer, a master mechanic in the grinding shop, positions a slanted-tooth spur gear on the MMZ T coordinate measuring machine
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Gear wheel manufacturer Zahnradfabrik Wittmann uses a specially developed coordinate measuring machine (CMM) from Carl Zeiss Pty Ltd to measure its parts with micrometre accuracy.

Gear wheels play a vital role in the powertrains of machines and vehicles. Maximum demands are being placed on gear wheels of all sizes as new ways are sought by customers to generate energy and optimise efficiency. Consequently, the quality of gearing must be ensured for the gear wheels to do their job with minimal loss or wear and tear.

Wittmann’s customers come from a wide range of industries including gear manufacturing, mechanical engineering, special equipment construction, railway and energy technology, and wind turbines.

As a contract gear manufacturer, the company produces straight and slanted-tooth spur gears, bevel gears, chain wheels, toothed-belt gears and pinion shafts from module 1 to module 36. About 90% of the batches have between 10 and 100 pieces in addition to single parts and prototypes. Volume orders can consist of 1,000 to 10,000 parts.

One of the company’s core competencies is involute toothed spur wheels with a diameter of 1000mm. Single parts and entire batches are inspected with the gearing subject to extreme demands, which is reflected in the requirements of DIN accuracy class 6 and higher.

Wittmann decided to replace their gear measuring centres with 3D coordinate measuring technology in 2009 because it was the only way to meet the constantly changing needs of the market. The seamless documentation of all features, with which liability risks can be eliminated, was the primary reason. Customers were increasingly requesting digital documentation of the parts.

A specially designed MMZ T coordinate measuring machine from Carl Zeiss was installed at Wittmann to replace the two gear wheel measuring centres.

Dr Oliver Mager, a senior executive in the company explains that the decision to purchase a coordinate measuring machine was driven by increasing customer requirements for optimal quality assurance. The company also had to increasingly measure the form and position of geometries, which was severely limited with their existing equipment.  

Carl Zeiss’ MMZ T coordinate measuring machine and software packages are designed for universal measuring with their ability to inspect the gearing as well as the form and position in a single setting.

Additionally, the measuring results of large parts could be seamlessly and externally documented. Measurements are prepared offline using CALYPSO measuring software with the GEAR PRO option. The CMM is not blocked for programming while the measuring program and log are automatically backed up on the server.

Key features of Carl Zeiss’ MMZ T coordinate measuring machine: 

  • Combines a universal coordinate measuring machine and gear wheel measuring centre
  • Integrated rotary table enables measurement of gears with a diameter of up to 1500mm and weighing two tons
  • Motorised tailstock developed in accordance with Wittmann’s specifications
  • Enhanced beveloid software module for GEAR PRO software developed to Wittmann requirements
  • Layer ventilation for DIN quality class 3 measuring lab

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