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Siemens utilise Carl Zeiss MMZ T and MMZ G200 gantry measuring machines

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Carl Zeiss  MMZ gantry measuring machines have increased the quality of gear parts for wind turbines for the mechanical drives division of Siemens AG. The accuracy of the parts of critical components for wind turbines determines the efficiency of the system. Carl Zeiss support the quality requirements for components for wind turbines with MMZ 3D coordinate measuring machines.

A wind turbine is designed to convert wind into electrical energy with maximum effectiveness throughout its entire lifecycle. This requires compliance with size, form and position tolerances during production of the moveable parts. This applies primarily to the pinion cages and housings of planetary gears. The axis spacing must fit perfectly and the axis alignment must be parallel to achieve better operating characteristics.

MMZ gantry measuring machines deliver reproducible measuring results as the measuring machines and software are optimally matched. These machines are used in production and measuring labs to measure and document machined prismatic and round parts, as well as freeform surfaces. The MMZ T machines feature an integrated measuring table while the MMZ G line receives parts at ground level with clamping plates. Loading systems reduce downtimes.

Together with CAD-based CALYPSO measuring software, VAST technology from Carl Zeiss optimises measuring processes. VAST technology can deliver form, size and position information and can determine the roundness of parts in a single measuring run. The VAST gold active scanning probe permits the use of extensions up to 1000mm, enabling measurement of deep-lying geometric elements. Therefore, this scanning technology is suitable for complex part geometries and automated CNC measuring runs. If features have to be inspected in different orientations and positions, the RDS articulating probe holder increases measuring efficiency.

RDS enables 20,000 stylus positions at 2.5 degree increments for the VAST XXT scanning probe (with styli up to 250mm) and also for the LineScan optical laser triangulation sensor. LineScan on RDS is suitable for fast acquisition and form inspection of freeform surfaces using HOLOS NT software.

Each MMZ gantry measuring machine, such as the MMZ G200 with linear measuring tolerance of 2.8+ L/400 micrometers, features the required accuracy. Carl Zeiss offer the MMZ G with measuring volumes of up to 4000mm x 8000mm x 4000mm, and thus corresponds to the trend towards larger parts.

Equipped with a rotary table, MMZ G measures cylindrical parts and gear wheels, including the full mathematical compensation for eccentricity and wobbling movement. Rotary tables with a diameter of up to 2000mm and a load capacity of up to eight tonnes are optionally available. GEAR PRO software permits measurement of gears without a rotary table.

Siemens Mechanical Drives are providers of systems and components for mechanical drive technology in the middle and high torque range. Their corporate unit manufactures large parts such as large housings and pinion cages for wind turbines. This requires reliable measuring technology for quality assurance in order to improve the production processes and thus guarantee the quality of the parts.

Additional MMZ gantry measuring machines from Carl Zeiss are also used in the production environments for the measurement of size, form and position at the various locations of Siemens Mechanical Drives around the globe.

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