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Rondcom 76A spindle form testers available from Carl Zeiss

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Carl Zeiss  offer variety of measuring machines for the precise inspection of form and surface features. The Rondcom and Surfcom measuring machines focus on the needs and parts of manufacturers with regard to measuring accuracy, speed and configuration.

The Rondcom 76A spindle form tester added to the Rondcom family permits measurement of the interior and exterior diameters, as well as the parallelism of cylinders. The drive speed of the directly driven axis and rotary axis is fast. The Rondcom 76A spindle form tester features high stability. Its solid granite base makes it insensitive to vibrations from the production environment and it can accommodate large parts. It has better measuring accuracy.

The time required for different measurements was reduced to less than half of that required by standard measuring machines. The Rondcom 76A spindle form tester can increase productivity particularly in the manufacture of cylinders for the engines of motorised vehicles.

The Rondcom 76A form tester is available in different sizes with teach in programming of CNC runs for precise inspection of large automotive parts. The rotation spindle in place of a rotary table makes this machine particularly suitable for complex bulky and heavy workpieces with high demands on accuracy. The smaller and manual machines in the Rondcom family, Rondcom 44/54 for example, are suitable for a wide range of parts. The Rondcom 44/54 form tester can be easily upgraded to CNC-capable form measuring stations.

Matched to application-typical tasks, Surfcom measuring machines accurately measures surfaces. These measuring machines are also available for combined surface and contour measurements. They enable automated calibration and a high level of user-friendliness, enabling operators to concentrate on their actual jobs. The Surfcom measuring machines can be adapted to other measuring tasks. This line is completed with the compact Surfcom 130 A measuring machine for production and quality assurance, and the Handysurf E-35A handheld machine.

All Rondcom and Surfcom measuring machines use TIMS software. The software offers consistent automation. These machines are suitable for a wide range of parts. They can operate both types of measuring stations without in-depth training. This is made possible by the identical software package with comparable user interfaces.

Following are the features of the Rondcom 76 form testers:

  • Precise rotary axis
  • Rotary accuracy
  • 0.04 + 3H/10000µm
  • High travel speed
  • Maximum of 100 mm/s
  • High accurate air bearings in X, Y and Z axis
  • Fully automatic control of seven axes
  • CNC adjustment in Tx/Ty/Cx/Cy axes
  • Measurement of diameter
  • Measurement of parallelity through accurate X/Y axis
  • Multiflatness in R axis
  • Integrated anti-vibration table
  • Teach-in programming

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