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New VAST XTR gold probe from Carl Zeiss increases productivity

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Carl Zeiss Pty Ltd  introduces the new VAST XTR gold probe that significantly increases productivity and flexibility by enabling high accuracy in industrial measurements.
Operators till now had to choose either a flexible stepping articulating probe holder featuring passive scanning not designed for maximum accuracies or a fixed scanning probe, which though more accurate was not as flexible.
Combining the best of both worlds, the VAST XTR gold probe features an integrated rotary axis that allows it to turn the stylus system in the direction of the feature being measured and adjust effortlessly to complex workpieces, enabling it to reach virtually any position.
Equipped with the precision of a standard, fixed stylus, the new probe is ideal for parts with many features and angular positions such as those on gear housings for helicopters and locomotives. VAST XTR gold is also suitable for rotationally symmetrical workpieces such as ventilation gears and wind turbines.
Andreas Bucher, Product Manager at Carl Zeiss IMT explains that the integrated swivel joint enables the stylus system to turn as far as possible in 15-degree increments, allowing it to always be positioned at the right angle to the part. For special applications, this value can be configured for any angle through the use of stylus systems. The VAST XTR gold probe is designed for long, heavy styli measuring up to 350mm in length and weighing 500gm.
The VAST XTR gold probe supports the navigator and performance functions, which together increase efficiency considerably. While VAST navigator optimises the measuring speed for the desired accuracy, the VAST performance function enables styli to scan interrupted contours without sacrificing speed or precision.
Key benefits of VAST XTR gold probes:
  • Saves time since fewer stylus systems and modifications are required
  • Saves costs on materials because fewer stylus systems are needed
  • Provides users with added flexibility
  • Eliminates stylus change-outs
  • Full utilisation of the measuring range increases efficiency and accuracy
  • Currently available for ZEISS ACCURA II, GageMax, PRISMO and MMZ T II

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