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GAUDLITZ benefit from METROTOM 1500 metrotomography available from Carl Zeiss

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METROTOM 1500 metrotomography, available from Carl Zeiss , increases the speed of development, the precision of the parts, overall process quality and proactive consultation expertise. Metrotomography enhances consultation expertise, GAUDLITZ support their customers during development to ensure that they receive a better and affordable product with a design suitable for plastic.

Innovations can be quickly tested with customers, improved and verified. This is a time-consuming and detailed process with traditional and optical measuring technology. Comprehensive weakness analyses are performed prior to tool optimisation. GAUDLITZ can optimally utilise metrotomography for complex housing parts with electronic interfaces and plastic axes. Fibre orientations, such as those on parts filled with long glass fibers, can be made visible and displayed in colour. The elements of multi-component parts can be individually and non-destructively inspected.

GAUDLITZ GmbH began using a METROTOM 1500 computer tomograph from Carl Zeiss. It is used to develop plastic parts precisely and efficiently. Developments can already be realised 20% faster with 100% process quality. GAUDLITZ’s management is the driver of the technology that will benefit GAUDLITZ’s customers. They forced the procurement of the METROTOM 1500 to expand the company’s advantage in high-precision measuring and analysis technology for plastic parts.

After a short time, GAUDLITZ were able to reduce the development times of their parts and tools by 0%. Metrotomography combines a very short measuring time with 100% information on the part. The entire interior and exterior of a part can be captured in less than one hour. The actual data is then compared with the D data set (nominal data), providing all process participants with an understandable image immediately within an additional 0 minutes. It is possible to work efficiently, particularly in the initial iterations of tool development. Production, toolmaking and development react with quality assurance within one day and promptly agree on measures. The entire process consists of the following steps:

  • Analysis of the plan/actual data
  • Modifications to process parameters
  • Tool reworking
  • Initial sample test report and approval

Metrotomography reduces the time needed for an analysis compared to optical and contact methods. The reason is simple: optical and contact methods usually need prior mechanical processing of the workpiece which requires a lot of time and involves many disturbances. Contact and optical measuring machines or measuring microscopes can only be used after mechanical processing. METROTOM 1500 from Carl Zeiss completes this task with the result of a plan/actual comparison in an hour and offers additional benefits:

  • 100% of the data
  • One image with one piece of measuring equipment
  • Non-destructive measurement of parts
  • Reproducible measurements

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